Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How many people are unfairly imprisoned in the U.S., yet this guilty bitch gets a personal visit from Pope Francis?

Pope Francis is a progressive tease.

On issues affecting heterosexuals, he's been great, re-focusing the Catholic Church on fighting poverty, climate change and many other issues relevant to most people's lives.   He's even signaled that continuing to heap scorn and discrimination on LGBT people is not the best way for a Catholic to spend their time.

Yet most of that goodwill has evaporated in my mind thanks to this one small, but hugely symbolic action.

Just think of all the impoverished, probably innocent people in the U.S. who couldn't afford decent legal help who are now suffering in prison.

None of them got a personal visit from the Pontiff during his recent trip to the U.S. to boost their spirits. 

Instead, Francis chose to visit this bigot bitch who's guilty as sin of her crimes.  Public servants in a secular society must fulfill their duties and treat everyone equally under the law.   She, who will not be named (on this blog,) failed to do so.  And she thumbed her nose at the judicial system in the U.S.

In certain grotesque, religious circles, I'm sure the bigot bitch is a hero.  But years from now, the Pope's visit to see her in prison will be looked on as if he went to visit a member of the KKK who refused to admit African-Americans to university and got jailed for it.
Shame on the Pope. 


Days later, the Vatican is backtracking, claiming the "meeting should not be seen as support."  

Read the contradictory details here.

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