Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yet another Harper appointee accused of wrongdoing...

Disgraced senator Don Meredith.......and the guy who appointed him
Don Meredith, the holier-than-thou religious dude who won such admiration from Harper for his work with youth that he not only appointed him as a Conservative candidate in Toronto Centre in 2008 (where he was quickly trounced in a byelection) but also appointed him to the Senate in 2010, now stands accused of a very inappropriate relationship with a minor.   This is on top of sexual harassment in the workplace allegations. 

Yes, the toxic mix of fundamentalist religion with conservative political power has seemingly produced more gross behaviour. 

It's now clear that Stephen Harper has dangerously bad judgment, especially when it comes to appointing people to positions of power.

One could almost suggest that Harper is so dangerous that our country must consider it an urgent national interest to remove him from office before any more people like this get rewarded: 
  • Senator Mike Duffy
  • Senator Pamela Wallin
  • Senator Patrick Brazeau
  • Dean Del Mastro, Harper's former parliamentary secretary and MP for Peterborough who resigned his seat in disgrace after being found guilty.  
  • Peter Penashue, former senior Conservative Cabinet Minister
  • Bruce Carson, former Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister
  • Arthur Porter, former Chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee
  • Saulie Zajdel, former Conservative candidate and Ministerial advisor
  • and now we can add one more, Don Meredith, former Conservative candidate appointed to the Senate.

An interesting aside: Meredith was a fervent opponent of LGBT equality (strange considering Harper appointed him to be the Toronto Centre candidate in 2008.  It was almost as if Harper was trying to shove an anti-gay candidate down the throats a very progressive riding with the country's largest LGBT community.)


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