Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wow! How stupid can Ontario PCs be?

As I listened to the Ontario PC official read out the individual riding results minutes ago, with Patrick Brown winning most ridings (and eventually winning the leadership), I was struck by how out of touch Ontario Tories are with their local communities. 

Or perhaps it proves just how much of a shell this party has become that it could be taken over by a well-organized pretender like Brown.  

In the Toronto auditorium where the event was happening, I heard one woman cry out, "Thank you, Jesus!"

Toronto Star reporter Robert Benzie quoted Mary Ellen Douglas, Ontario President for Campaign Life Coalition as saying, "We are happy with Patrick Brown's election."

This is not the face of modern Ontario. 

One thing for certain - I'm afraid PCs have voted in someone who will be even worse at connecting with Ontarians than Tim Hudak.   Brown is arrogant and inexperienced with a penchant for flirting with social conservative causes most Ontarians want nothing to do with like revisiting abortion rights. 

He's got nothing to offer.  This emperor has no clothes.

Of course, facing such a lousy opponent, I hope the Kathleen Wynne Liberals won't get complacent.  It's true that Brown will spend most of his time trying to recruit ethnic voters out in certain ridings now held by the Liberals.  The Grits will have to work hard to maintain their strength there. 

Perhaps this opens the door to Andrea Horwath's NDP who might now find it much easier to win the votes of Ontarians hungry for change next time (who will no doubt find Brown a horrible option.)


Pamela Mac Neil said...

Hi Matt. The woman who yelled out "thank you Jesus" said it all. That is precisely who the Ontario PCs are. Completely bankrupt of any reasoned ideas, they, now more then ever, will be practicing there fundamental evangelical beliefs.I wonder what Bill Davis thinks?

rww said...

Are you sure the person who yelled thank you jesus, wasn't an NDP supporter.