Friday, May 29, 2015

Anti-abortion groups actually helping Trudeau

By attacking Justin Trudeau so viciously by distributing repulsive flyers in mailboxes for everyone to see, groups like the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and the Campaign Life Coalition are actually helping the Liberal leader.


Because they're reminding the public of one of Trudeau's bolder policy stands.  The Liberal Party is pro-choice and favours a woman's right to choose.   Like the NDP, the Liberals will refuse to revisit the abortion issue or let its MPs vote to do so.  That's a fair and reasonable position in 2015.  It's clear and concise.

Because the vast majority of Canadians believe this issue to be long-settled.  This campaign represents the last gasp of a movement that refuses to understand modern Canada.   Like many, I'm not fond of abortion.  But I believe it must be allowed in our society for a variety of reasons.  Like most Canadians, I have no desire to see any regression on this issue. 

Because progressive voters who favour choice and accept abortion in our society will be tempted to rally to Trudeau's side as a result of this campaign.  The anti-abortion campaign is tone deaf and is turning off the public.  Progressive voters who may not be too impressed with Trudeau on a variety of other issues at this point (such as Bill C-51 or pipelines) will no doubt sympathize with Trudeau on this one.

Because the groups are reinforcing the idea that Trudeau is the main challenger to Harper, not NDP Leader Tom Mulcair:

“Strategically, we wanted a more narrow focus so (that means) targeting a leader that had the potential to be the next prime minister during this election,” Golob says.

If they're hoping to dissuade anti-abortion voters away from the Liberals, I've got news for them: those voters are already in the Conservative camp.  Instead, these social conservative campaigns to turn back time are only scaring progressive voters and will likely rally more behind the Liberal leader.

All of this helps Trudeau's cause. 


Pamela Mac Neil said...

I agree and it's also a reminder of the kind of control the conservatives really want to have.

Ron Waller said...

The abortion issue is a lot of something for nothing. Trudeau was very astute for putting this on the radar (or one of his handlers.) He can run on stopping abortion from being made illegal (although no other party is running on this) and legalizing cannabis, then give Red Tories the economy and the environment. When he is elected to a majority, he can privatize Canada Post and the CMHC. (These days a politician's real platform is revealed after the election.) As for reneging on legalization, well, no one's perfect...