Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tory leadership candidate caught catering to homophobia during sex-ed curriculum debate

A few hundred social conservatives reportedly gathered outside the Ontario legislature Tuesday to protest the province's revised sex-education curriculum, claiming ignorance is a virtue when it comes to their kids' health and knowledge of their own bodies, I guess. 

Decades ago, these folks represented mainstream Ontario thinking.  Not any more.

But as they dwindle in number, there are still some misguided conservative politicians willing to pander to them, including Progressive Conservative MPP Monte McNaughton, who is running for his party's leadership.   He's frequently been openly critical of changing our outdated public school curriculum, claiming not enough parents (like him) have been consulted.  In truth, the process for drafting a new curriculum has included thousands of parents around the province.  McNaughton objects to the wishes of the socially conservative few not trumping the majority.

This week, McNaughton said, in a not too subtle reference to the premier's sexual orientation, that it's not the job of the premier – "especially Kathleen Wynne" – to tell parents what is age appropriate for their children.  He left those words out there for all to interpret as they saw fit until reporters finally demanded yesterday McNaughton explain himself.  In response, he lamely said Wynne was unqualified due to unrelated scandals and an alleged lack of consultation (which of course is a farce.) 

Homophobes speak in code today.  It helps them deny later they were being homophobic when in truth that's exactly what they were doing at the time.  Nudge nudge, wink wink. 

Premier Kathleen Wynne was having none of it yesterday and I love this clip of her from the legislature.  

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WILLY said...

I too love the way our premier handles herself. Truly an awesome leader.