Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Harper Government spent $7 million of your tax dollars to attack Justin Trudeau's position on marijuana

In yet another disgusting abuse of power and waste of taxpayers' hard-earned dollars by Stephen Harper and his government, it's now been confirmed that a laughable "Health Canada" ad campaign last fall - which featured dubious claims about non-existent science and a lot of misinformation - cost we taxpayers $7 million.

The ad campaign was clearly designed with Conservative party political intentions in mind to scare ignorant parents into opposing the liberalization of Canada's marijuana laws, which just so happens to be the position favoured by Harper's main political opponent, Justin Trudeau.

I'll copy the Canadian Press story in its entirety as the facts without comment are outrageous.  Those particularly outrageous, I'll highlight in bold:

Conservative government’s anti-drug advertising blitz last fall cost $7 million

This was not some innocent, non-partisan effort by Health Canada, clearly.

It represents the kind of despicable decision-making and disrespect for taxpayers' dollars that will not cease until Stephen Harper is removed from office.

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