Friday, December 5, 2014

Harper continues to snub Wynne; I guess he thinks he has too many lesbians in his life?

Stephen Harper is proving he can be as classless as the worst of men.  

I'm tired of his petty arrogance being described as "competence" and "good judgment" by his supporters and apologists.

The man was never much of a leader and simply lucky, taking advantage of opportunities handed to him on a silver platter.  He came along at the right time when voters wanted change in Ottawa, and then benefited from two bad Liberal leadership choices.   But thankfully, Harper's luck is now up facing off next year against Justin Trudeau.

The Prime Minister of Canada should communicate regularly with the duly elected Premier of Ontario, especially one who just won an historic majority mandate.  But he continues to refuse to do so.  Apparently he can't get over how Wynne described his facial expression during a face-to-face meeting one year ago on the issue of an enhanced pension plan for the middle class.   And instead he now shrugs off the suggestion he meet with her again, signalling petty insults about Ontario's finances.  This is especially galling because his government, having cut over $1 billion in return transfer payments to Ontario this year, and exclusively backing Alberta's polluting oil sands industry with federal fiscal policy since 2006, leaving Ontario's economy high and dry, has made matters worse for Ontario.  Wynne doesn't support Harper's austerity agenda, which would push Ontario's anemic economy back into recession; instead she wants to invest in Ontario's infrastructure to push the economy forward for decades, but Harper refuses to help.

But being outwardly polite and kind to homosexuals has never been Harper's imperative as we know.   As Robert Benzies makes clear in this article, Harper has met with Vladimir Putin, the notorious homophobe, more times in the last year than he has with Kathleen Wynne. 

Wynne has responded like an adult:

“Those of us who get into politics have to be able, I believe, to focus on the issues that are important to our constituents and not get caught in . . . personal animosity,” the premier told reporters. 

“I really don’t think it’s helpful.  

“For me, Stephen Harper is the prime minister of Canada and I think that it is only rational that the prime minister of Canada would want to talk with the premier of Ontario.

“There’s an active conversation right now about General Motors in Oshawa. We worked well with the federal government in the auto sector. I’d like to have that conversation with the prime minister and how are we going to tackle our relationship with the auto sector going forward,” she said.

“Ontario is a huge net contributor to the federation — it’s very important to the country that Ontario do well.”

Kathleen Wynne and Ontario deserve more respect.


Gyor said...

"The man was never much of a leader and simply lucky, taking advantage of opportunities handed to him on a silver platter."

I can't stand Harper and I agree he's being a childish jerk in regard to Wynn, but given your leader is Justin "Silver Spoon" Trudeau the above qoute comes off as absurd. Harper had to work hard to get where he is in order to help mess this country up.

Trudeau on the other hand has had everything handed to him on a silver platter from the day he was born.

Matt Guerin said...

Fair enough. Trudeau had his advantages too and is taking full advantage of them. However, single-handedly resuscitating a party with 34 seats on its death bed to become a fighting force again isn't just due to pedigree. I honestly believe most of Trudeau's current strength today is based on his current performance as leader. To write him off as just a guy with a silver spoon in his mouth is wrong-headed. And of course, that story is barely written as so much more has yet to happen in the history of his leadership. Harper has accomplished lots and there is talent there. He's as talented at leadership as Dalton McGuinty, in my estimation. Most conservatives would find that an insult.

Rotterdam said...

Why would Harper trust Wynne after what happened the last time?Wynne has no diplomacy, she will use the meeting for the purposes of grandstanding. Wynne would be well advised to tone it down and perhaps apologize. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Matt Guerin said...

Rotterdam, I guess you didn't get my jokey reference to Harper's lesbian wife. ;-) I tried to be subtle about it. Perhaps you haven't heard the persistent rumours for years?

As for Coyne, you've inspired me to write a follow-up. Stay tuned.