Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Justin Trudeau to protesters: 'Take a minute to explain'; Harper would've had them tackled and arrested

What a remarkable contrast!  

As we know, Stephen Harper has such tight restrictions at his events, only card-carrying Conservatives with long party histories can get in.   No one except the most elite gets anywhere close to him.  And most definitely, uninvited guests or average Canadians get zero chance to interact with him, let alone speak to the crowd.   It's probably been almost 10 years since Harper had any meaningful and unscripted interactions with average Canadians who weren't pre-screened for party loyalty.

Meanwhile, yesterday in Toronto at the Reference Library, Justin Trudeau was holding an event that was briefly interrupted by some protesters carrying a banner against the Energy East pipeline.  Trudeau may not share the protesters' position on the issue, but rather than ignore them and wait for RCMP to tackle them and remove them (to audience applause from Conservative party seals), Trudeau invited these Canadians to state their positions for all to hear and even called for the audience to applaud them.  Watch the video here.

Trudeau is a natural leader who likes Canadians and is willing to listen to them, even let them temporarily interrupt his own events to give them a voice.

Harper vilifies and demonizes those who oppose his agenda and most certainly doesn't give most Canadians a voice.  His government has even called these types of protesters "terrorists."   Harper's rotten as a leader and he needs to go as soon as possible.  

I'm looking forward to seeing Trudeau beat this jerk in 2015. 


Unknown said...

Trudeau does not feel threatened by the Canadian public. Harper does. The majority of Canadians disagree with 99% of Harpers policies and his overall behaviour. He doesn't have the guts to speak before a Crowd. Trudeau does. I think that is one of the main reasons people like him. I hope he never changes.

Unknown said...

@Pamela Mac Neil

The majority of Canadians disagree with 99% of Harpers policies and his overall behaviour.

Source? Don't underestimate Harper and his supporters. There might not be any in your circles, but they are out there.