Monday, October 20, 2014

Thug liar Rob Ford tries to intimidate voters at advanced polls into voting for his brother...

What legitimate purpose could Rob Ford have for showing up at advanced polls in Ford Nation country (Wards 7 and 8) and in swing areas like Ward 17 (which sadly voted for Ford in 2010) over the last few days other than to try to intimidate voters into supporting his brother in the mayor's race?

I thought Rob Ford was battling cancer.  For a guy allegedly too sick to campaign for mayor or even for councillor in Ward 2 where the man with a penchant for criminal activity is still on the ballot, he seems to have a lot of time and energy to make public appearances. 

One voter in Ward 17, where Ford ally Cesar Palacio is trying to fend off a serious challenge from progressive Alejandra Bravo, remarked on Instagram, "I cast my vote early and look who was in my way."  See her photo above, published on

Habitual liar Ford claimed he was merely driving old people to the polls.  Then Ford proceeded to hang out for long periods of time on polling station properties where he could be seen by other voters.   He was repeatedly told to leave by polling station staff as political folk like Ford are not allowed in polling stations unless they're official scrutineers.  Apparently, Ford ignored them, forcing the city clerk to write our criminal mayor a letter reminding him of the law.

I'm sure Ford will ignore the letter and make the rounds on Election Day next week to try to intimidate more voters.   The man isn't one for following the rules like the rest of us have to, as we know full well. 

But perhaps the city has had enough of this buffoonery.  Now we're even hearing murmurings from Ward 2 that voters there may be finally tiring of Rob Ford's pathetic act. God, I hope so. 

This week, Doug Ford will be in full desperation mode trying to libel John Tory to save the Ford family's pathetic excuse of a legacy.  I hope the media ignores Doug's bullshit and instead takes him task this week for his brother's repeated malfeasance. 

The Fords must go!

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