Tuesday, October 21, 2014

But then again, Olivia Chow gave her best speech yet last night

I must admit that I'm very torn still about how to vote in the Toronto election, despite my last post.

Some, including myself, previously have said Olivia Chow hasn't articulated a clear and inspiring vision in this campaign.  But this speech at last night's debate in Toronto proves that Chow has finally come into her own as a candidate with a clear and inspiring vision.

This is good stuff from Chow.  I agree with her 100% on Light Rail Trains, or LRTs.  I've always wanted to vote for her.  I'm disappointed the early months of her campaign didn't sound more like this speech.  Had it, we might be looking at a very different dynamic now with less than a week to go before voting day.   Sometimes, it takes a candidate running a major campaign like this months to truly find their legs and voice and reach a crescendo that impresses many.  Kathleen Wynne did that in the Ontario Liberal leadership race, peaking at the right time to win it all.  It seems Chow too is peaking just in time too in terms of her performance.  It may be too late for her to win this race, but hopefully it pulls her out of third place and knocks the awful Fords to the depths they belong.  Then, she'd have my proud vote.

We shall see.

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