Friday, September 26, 2014

Very happy to support Andray Domise, running for TO city councillor in Ward 2 against Rob Ford

I shot this short video of Andray Domise, who's running for Toronto city councillor in Ward 2 in this municipal election, last night at a meet-and-greet event.   As you can see, he's an articulate, level-headed, decent guy fighting to make his community better. 

His main opponent is, of course, Toronto's notorious mayor Rob Ford, who dropped out of the mayor's race recently due to health issues and back into his old ward, but has yet to campaign.  Before that, Andray was facing Mikey Ford, the 20-year-old nephew of Rob and Doug who changed his last name this spring to cash in on the family name.  Mikey's mother Kathy shared some crack cocaine with Rob Ford earlier this year in her Rexdale basement. 

Clearly, Ward 2 would do better to pick the better candidate in Andray Domise, who grew up in Rexdale and wants to build up his community in a way that Rob Ford has always failed to do.   I hope the voters of Ward 2 turn over a new page on October 27th and elect Andray.   It's time to do better! 

Check out Andray Domise's website here for more information on this great candidate!

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