Monday, September 8, 2014

The awful Sam Sotiropoulos

A good friend of mine commented on this Global TV interview with idiot/homophobic Toronto school trustee Sam Sotiropoulos and said it all: "Kudos to the Global TV reporter here who doggedly attempted to engage demented school board trustee Sam Sotiropoulos on his inane comments about transgender people. His weird smirky "we're done here" glare near the end is the funniest/creepiest thing since Joe Pesci in GOODFELLAS." 

I couldn't agree more: 

Why do such losers get elected in Toronto suburbs and elsewhere for school board trustee?  Probably because most trustee elections usually are won and lost simply based on whose names voters vaguely recognize.   

But I'm hoping Sotiropoulos' shameful pontificating against LGBT people and Pride parades this year and against transgendered people recently gets punished this October.  Come on, Scarborough-Agincourt voters, does this man in this Global TV interview really speak for you?  

There is luckily one very strong candidate running against the bigot Sotiropoulos next month and she's gaining momentum: Manna Wong.  I may have to donate some money to her campaign.

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