Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's time to take the hint, Rob Anders...

Rob Anders - the longtime Conservative MP, homophobe, social conservative dork, with a penchant for falling asleep in Parliament (see pic on the right) or veterans' committee meetings, the idiot who somehow imagined Tom Mulcair sped up Jack Layton's death by cancer, and believed that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist - has lost another Conservative nomination, this time in the rural Alberta riding of Bow River.  

Anders, of course, lost the Conservative nomination in his longstanding riding of Calgary-Signal Hill back in April.  He thought he'd show those red liberal socialist Tories in Calgary by taking refuge amongst his true blue Conservative peeps in the new riding, I guess.  But to no avail.

Rob, please take the hint.  Even the blue Conservatives in your own party don't want you in the House of Commons anymore.   If Stephen Harper doesn't soon appoint you to the Senate (which is probably a strong possibility considering the quality of other appointments Harper has made to the upper chamber), it's time to start knocking on the doors of sleazy lobbying firms looking to gain access, or better yet join some prestigious conservative think tank. 

Best of luck to you in your future endeavours! 

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