Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Doug Ford flips and flops on Toronto's Pride Parade while out councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam gets homophobic hate mail from Ford Nation

In Tuesday's debate among the three major candidates for Toronto mayor, Doug Ford was asked repeatedly by his opponents during one of the defining moments of the night if he would march in Toronto's Pride parade as mayor.   Both John Tory and Olivia Chow took on Dougie's inability to answer a basic question, as you can see in this Global TV clip (strangely absent from CTV's clips of the debate):

Doug claimed last night he supports equality and Pride.  That was a major flip flop, of course, as Doug has previously attacked the Pride parade, claiming he's attended in the past and viewed dozens of 'buck naked men' at the proceedings.  Of course, Dougie and his brother Rob have also claimed in the past that Pride weekend was an annual Ford family getaway up in private cottage land.  How Dougie ever attended Pride in the past and also went to the cottage at the same time remains a mystery.  I bet you Doug is lying his face off about ever attending Pride. 

One thing that doesn't remain a mystery is why Doug Ford (like his bigot brother Rob Ford) continues to refuse to say he'll march in the Pride parade: because the Fords have been carefully nursing the support of homophobic bigots as part of their Ford Nation for years and they want to keep that support. 

Take a look at a typical Ford Nation supporter's recent hate mail letter sent to out lesbian city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, who represents my Ward 27 and who will be getting my vote on Oct 27th:

Doug Ford is hoping not to lose the support of bigots like this, hence why he can't say he's going to the Pride parade as mayor.   That might piss them off and cause them to forget how to get to the polling stations on voting day.

Dougie, like his brother, is not qualified to be mayor of any city in Ontario, let alone Toronto.  Hence why I continue to be glad his brother will no longer be mayor going forward, and if present trends continue, neither will Doug.

And as for the bigots in Ford Nation, get ready for your comeuppance! Your four years in the sun are about to come to a crashing end!


A friend posted this link to a Twitter essay by @HeerJeet.  It's definitely worth a read: 'How the Fords have normalized racism & homophobia in Toronto'. 

****UPDATE OCT 6, 2014

Doug Ford has flip flopped and now tells Sun Media he'd march in the Pride parade if elected mayor, after originally failing to answer the question.

But of course, this being Doug Ford, he can't reach out to the LGBT community without slapping us at the same time.  In the same breath, Ford said, "Do I approve of the nudity, of older men with potbellies walking around the street buck naked? No, I don’t approve of that,” he said.

That's not leadership, DoFo.  That's too little, too late.  John Tory and Olivia Chow have been marching in the Pride parade for years, if not decades.  

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