Thursday, June 5, 2014

Toronto Sun cartoon makes fun of brutal violence depicted against Kathleen Wynne

The cheapening of political discourse has hit a new low today courtesy of the Conservative Party's print media wing, the Toronto Sun.

How exactly are we to interpret this distasteful cartoon by Donato?  Clearly the glasses make it clear the cartoonist and paper are depicting the aftermath of some kind of physical attack on Kathleen Wynne.  It's clearly a brutal attack as her bloody teeth are visible.

It's been two days since the debate.  If this was meant to depict Wynne having been "clobbered" during that debate by her opponents, shouldn't it have been printed in Wednesday's paper?   Putting it in the June 6th edition, so Friday's paper, makes you wonder really what the Toronto Sun is trying to say here.

Is this supposed to be funny?  Donato's cartoons are usually supposed to be funny.  So beating the shit out of Kathleen Wynne until her teeth are knocked out and her glasses are busted up is funny?

This from the despicable paper that still runs ONLY Sunshine Girls every day, and hasn't published those tiny black & white shots of mostly clothed Sunshine Boys back on page 100 for years and years.

Robin Sears on TVO on Tuesday night used the word "clobbered" to criticize Wynne's performance, before Sears went on to criticize the clothes that Wynne was wearing during the debate.  Perhaps that denigration was the inspiration behind this cartoon?  Who knows?

Toronto Sun writers like Lorrie Goldstein and Christina Blizzard have been campaigning hard through their writings in favour of Tim Hudak this election.  Any pretense for fairness and objectivity went out the window as soon as the election was called.  Will this cartoon give them both a chuckle?   I'm sure they'll defend this disgusting piece of cartooning and dismiss any criticism.

On all levels, this cartoon is gross.   Shame on Donato and the Sun for publishing it.


doconnor said...

Political cartoonists have long used physical attacks as a metaphor for rhetorical attacks.

This cartoon is just saying Wynne lost the debate badly.

Matt Guerin said...

Want to put your full name to that, Unknown? How do you know it refers specifically to the debate?

doconnor said...

Not that my name is relevant to the quality of my arguments, but I have updated the profile setting for this Google account.

I guessed it was about the debate, if not then it would be about the campaign in general.

Matt Guerin said...

Glad you stand behind your comments.

She's winning in the campaign in general, according to a poll aggregate.

It's subjective to say it was about the debate. I think it was just a chance for the Sun to revel and make light of an image depicting Wynne (a left-leaning lesbian) being literally beaten to a pulp because they like that sort of thing over there. I'm sure it'll get chuckles with those who also like that sort of thing.

WILLY said...

A similar cartoon was used (I think it was Donato"s) to report Lennon's assassination.

So this appears over the top and I agree violent in this case

Unknown said...

Forget punches! This weirdo commie bitch should be shot and pissed on!

Matt Guerin said...

Wow, Gary, your comments are borderline criminal! Advocating murder against a politician, or anyone. Why do right-wingers have no decency online nor any sense that advocating murder against their political opponents is not fascist and pure evil.

The only person who deserves to be pissed on is you, you fucking jerk!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Matt Guerin said...

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