Tuesday, May 20, 2014

These Ontario Liberal ads look great (despite what Warren Kinsella says...)

I loved this pre-writ ad produced by Kathleen Wynne's team showcasing the kind of person and leader she is.  It has over 500,000 views on YouTube and counting:

This great ad below, also produced by the same Ontario Liberal team, puts Andrea Horwath's rejection of progressive values front and centre.  It was released online early in this Ontario election campaign.  I'm not sure it will get any purchased TV time, but it would certainly be effective in reminding voters of Horwath's bizarre hypocrisy if it did: 

*******UPDATED, a Liberal quickie online ad that mocked a recent PC ad went up on YouTube on the weekend, but was pulled today after the PCs complained it allegedly violated their copyright.  But the Grits today posted this new ad below featuring Kathleen Wynne talking up her vision of the province versus Hudak's destructive plan to kill 100,000 public service jobs:

As I stated on the weekend, the Ontario PC Leader's horrific pledge to fire 100,000 public servants in fragile economic times will be the equivalent of John Tory's dumb idea in 2007 to promise to provide public funding to religious schools.  I expect this 2014 campaign will be similar to the 2007 Liberal campaign on which Warren Kinsella worked: attack the Tory leader's bad plan over and over in the early part of the campaign, making his bad plan a main focus of voters (and not any Liberal shortcomings) and ride the ensuing wave to re-election.  Conservative defeat is in the air in 2014.    

I know Warren Kinsella continues with his petty sniping from the sidelines against his old enemies, some of whom are working on the Wynne campaign.  That's his prerogative.  He's also occasionally admitted he may be completely wrong in his "commentary" on his blog (which he prefers to call a "website") or his Sun Media columns, which is great because he is completely wrong here. 

I will agree that Tim Hudak has put his ill-conceived plan front and centre in this campaign.  And it's also true that jobs and the economy are the top concerns of voters in this election.  But it's also clear that Hudak's prescription is too awful for most Ontarians outside of the conservative base to stomach.

I was door-knocking on the weekend in Parkdale-High Park for Liberal candidate Nancy Leblanc and was surprised by the very abundant amount of Liberal support, frequently offered before I even asked.  Voters are very aware of what Hudak is proposing and they don't like it, including in Toronto NDP strongholds.  And they also like Kathleen Wynne a great deal!  

One of the big pleasures of the result I predict is coming on June 12th - in addition to the joys of seeing Canada's first out gay premier and Ontario's first female premier re-elected with a mandate to implement a realistic and great plan to move Ontario forward - will be that folks who put personal grudges ahead of party loyalty or even the best interests of the province will be eating some serious crow.


Ken S from Ramara said...

What Andrea Horwath said no to was Kathleen Wynne pulling another Lucy Van Pelt "football" moment. Couldn't trust McGuinty & you shouldn't trust Wynne because Liberals lie (a lot)


The football is Wynne's Budget & Charlie Brown is how Liberals depict voters (ie gullible)

Matt Guerin said...

Blah blah blah, thanks NDP Ken. From my experience, the NDP stands for NO DAMN PRINCIPLES. And this election Horwath is proving that in spades.