Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forget addiction issues; audio reveals window into Rob Ford's twisted mind and heart

Fordwas apparently filmed smoking crack cocaine again just this past weekend in hissister's house.  The video was seen by two reporters at the Globe & Mail (some still images from the video were obtained too, including the one pictured on the right, courtesy of Gawker.)

MALE PATRON #2: How about Karen Stintz?
FORD: I’d like to fucking jam her but she don’t want it. I can’t talk like this anymore. [Responding to a female voice] I’m so sorry, I forgot there was a woman in the house.

Earlier in the tape, apparently PC leader Tim Hudak's support for oppressed LGBT people in Russia caused RoFo to abandon his support for his late dad's party:

ROB FORD: [They] put this fucking flag up, ahead of our Canadian flag. I said, no, [that’s-what-I’m-trying-to-say] that’s bullshit. Bullshit. They went to Queen’s Park, they said “no way.” Tim Hudak comes out and says “yeah I agree with all the gays.” That’s it. I lost my conservative value on the....Right there, he lost my vote.

Then later:

MALE PATRON: How do you fuck your wife?
FORD: I’d fuck her wife. I’d fuck—what the fuck? … Now, I won’t go that far … that’s when we start talking my language…

Then the attack on some Italian guys nearby in the bar and threats of violence:

FORD: [I heard a] dumb fucking wop over there, sorry. Is that racist? Sorry. If you don’t get a shot in two seconds I’ll knock your fucking teeth out. No, no, I don’t want that fucking dago down there to start. 
FEMALE VOICE: Everyone is allowed their down time.
MALE VOICE: That’s what I’m saying. It’s after nine, it’s over.
FEMALE VOICE: What do you want?
FORD: I want to give him two shots … ‘cause those two dagos are drinking together.
MALE VOICE: Did you just call me a dago?  Really? 

To all those Italians in Toronto and elsewhere: welcome to the club (of people Rob Ford hates)!  Although perhaps a welcome isn't necessary as Ford has infamously used "Gino boy" to describe another colleague in the past. 

Despite all the empty assurances of getting his life in order, I'm sure Rob Ford has been behaving like this the whole time.  Nothing changed after the scandal blew up in November.  The only reason he's going on leave now is because he got caught on video and audio.   He has yet to apologize to the people he offended in his Monday night audio recording.  

This morning, Ford left his Etobicoke house allegedly to head to re-hab.  Luggage was with him and even a passport.  Is he going to the family condo in Florida for 30 days?  Is that his re-hab program? 

If he is seeking "help", we need a real accounting of that help.  Otherwise, this habitual liar will again try to pull the rug over all of us. 

I'm sick to death of the Ford family and their constant whining about how tough it is for Rob.  Today his enabling brother Doug thanked the public for their support and prayers.  They still have no idea. 

There's no way a serious drug and alcohol addict like Rob Ford, if he is enrolled in a serious rehab program, can seek re-election and continue another term as mayor.  Addicts need to minimize stress and clearly being mayor was too much for Ford. 

If Ford shows up in 30 days after some unexplained "help" and declares his re-election campaign back on, the total fraud of his rehabilitation will be exposed. 

Rob Ford needs to resign now and go away.  Only then will he and his family deserve the "privacy" that his brother is asking for this morning. 

One nugget of hope did appear in the drunken audio recording.  If Ford loses this year, he's going to California.  We can only hope:

FORD:  No, no, I don’t mind. Listen, I don’t mind … As long as they vote, I’d rather them vote against me than not vote at all.  I’d rather lose to Olivia Chow than lose to anyone, man, because you know what? [The city’s] going to get fucked so bad, they’re going to say ‘thank you.’ Nah, I’m not coming back. Once I’m done, I’m done. I’m going to California.

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