Friday, April 18, 2014

Adam Vaughan's 'game changer' candidacy in Trinity-Spadina puts the downtown Toronto riding into Liberal reach...

The announcement yesterday that popular downtown city councillor Adam Vaughan is seeking the federal Liberal nomination in Trinity-Spadina is a "game changer" that puts the Grits back into major contention in the upcoming by-election.

In fact, I might even suggest if Vaughan does secure the Liberal nomination (which seems very likely), he becomes the likely frontrunner in the by-election race due to his amazing name recognition, his solid policy chops, his message promoting urban issues in Ottawa, and his street cred as a councillor who won his ward in 2010 with almost 75% of the vote.  Against NDP insider and largely unknown Joe Cressy, Vaughan will have a great chance of winning over voters in the riding.

We've seen this movie before.  In 2006, Olivia Chow relinquished her former seat at city council to win the federal riding.  In the subsequent municipal vote, the local NDP nominated her largely unknown executive assistant, Helen Kennedy, to run for Chow's city seat.  At the time, Adam Vaughan refused to play by the NDP rules and launched his own independent campaign.  Despite the NDP throwing everything it could at him, he bested Kennedy easily.  Now it looks like history could repeat itself with Vaughan, now in the federal Liberal camp, taking on Cressy.  

Before yesterday, Vaughan didn't seem like the type to join a political party, although his progressive credentials are beyond reproach.  So this news has brought a major smile to my face.   It will make volunteering for the Liberals in the by-election all the more satisfying as we'll be fighting to put an outspoken advocate for cities in Ottawa who isn't afraid to speak his mind.  He might end up being a bit of a maverick in the federal Liberal caucus, but that would be to the benefit of Toronto and the voters he represents, which is why he'll have massive appeal to voters in this by-election.  

Vaughan's candidacy also puts the whole Christine Innes mess into perspective.  I have not shed any tears over the latest developments which saw Innes banned from seeking the nomination now or anywhere in 2015 over allegations of bullying and intimidation.  Her lawsuit launched this week against Justin Trudeau and David MacNaughton strikes me as a very deliberate attempt to save public face.  We'll see how far that lawsuit really goes in the end.  

But the Innes story is inside baseball.  The general public in Trinity-Spadina passed judgment on Innes twice, with her losing by over 20,000 votes in 2011.  None of this will impact on Vaughan's likely Liberal candidacy, whose skills, passion and massive credibility will draw voters and volunteers to his campaign from all over Toronto.

As a friend commented on my Facebook page yesterday, Vaughan's attacks on our pathetic excuse of a mayor in Toronto have been music to our ears the last four years.  It will be wonderful to listen to him take this anti-city Harper government to task in Ottawa should he win the seat.  It will also be great to have Vaughan on the Trudeau team as they forge an agenda to fix this country, help strengthen the middle class and build stronger local communities. 


Ryan Spinney said...

What do mean if, you haven't heard that Justin plans on having an emergency nomination at which Adam Vaughan will be automatically selected screwing over all challenegers for the nomination.

I never liked Adam Vaughan, never, and this shows my instincts about him were right.

If Adam was a progressive he'd be condemning Trudeau for all his rightwing stances just as much as he condemns Ford.

And I wouldn't underestimate Joe, he's smart, skilled, articulate and clever.

And Adam will have to answer for the clear corruption and broken promises of Justin Trudeau.

Matt Guerin said...

Thanks, Ryan, for the comment. You sound like a bit of a Dipper, and a scared one at that. Vaughan has earned his credibility with the public, while Cressy has earned his credibility within the NDP inner circle. We'll see what the voters decide in the by-election. The leader has an obligation to recruit strong candidates who can best win seats and form a government with him. This is one of those occasions.

I don't discount Joe's qualities. You shouldn't discount Adam's either. Trudeau's rightwing stances? Such as? His refusal to bring oil sands production to a halt? Even the NDP isn't advocating that anymore. Trudeau's support for cannabis legalization? His call to put a price on carbon? His support for equality?

Clear corruption? You partisans need to tone down your hyperbole when it crosses the line into libel. I could call Mulcair a criminal too but I won't because I don't have any proof of such. There is plenty you can criticize in anybody, so you don't need to go over the top as it just loses you credibility.

Ryan Spinney said...

I was actually refering to his flip flop on the gun registery and his support for the China Investment treaty, amoung others. But yes his support for Keystone XL is bad too, bad for tue enviroment and bad for jobs.

And Joe has the support of the NDP grassroots, Adam Vaughan has to cheat to win.

And I'm not scared, although I admit with so many varible from Chow's Mayoral campaign, to Adam's fame, to Joe's grassroots approach, to Trudeau burning the ridings Liberal Grassroots again and again, makes things unpredictable.

Matt Guerin said...

Trudeau's not going to spend millions to re-start the gun registry. That seems reasonable after all the controversy over it. It seems that ship has sailed.

Canada needs foreign investment as we don't have enough home-owned capital to develop our economy otherwise. If you support responsible development of the oil sands, you have to get that oil to market somehow. The Keystone pipeline has gone through a rigorous environmental assessment. Trudeau's also probably in favour of the east-west pipeline, which Mulcair also supports. Northern Gateway hasn't won enough local support, could be dangerous to coastal communities and has too many problems so he opposes it.

Trudeau's stances are nuanced and show reason and pragmatism. Something most Canadians want. If you're on the far left, yes, you might not like him for that.

Adam has cheated to win? Excuse me, but did NDP members vote for Cressy or was he acclaimed because no one chose to run against him? Why was that? Hmmm...There are numerous ways to interpret the same thing, as you are proving here. Sometimes the right candidate is so clear.

Chow's campaign will continue along and I hope for the best for her. Adam's campaign will be strong and well organized. I'm sure Joe's will be too. We'll see how it goes.

Ben Burd said...

so perhaps the anointed one will be allowed to tell us just how much Harperlaw is going to get repealed, after JT isn't saying so it would be up to the 'maverick'

Ryan Spinney said...

The gun registery saves lives.

As for investment, Canada's corporations are sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars, just sitting thier not invested.

Speaking of which Justin Trudeau refuses to increase corporate taxes, even though they're just sitting on money that honestly could be put to better use.

Also remind me how many times did the Liberals including Justin Trudeau vote in favour or abstain allowing Harper's regressive adgenda to move forward during the minority?

Trudeau is as guilty as Iggy for supporting the Harper adgenda in exchange for nothing!

And where was Trudeau when Iggy broke the Liberals promise to form a coalition with the NDP to stop Harper. Trudeau could have said no this is wrong, we should keep our word both to the NDP and the Canadian public.

Trudeau is also opposed to Proportial Representation.

Kevin Page the former PBO also has said that the Liberals opposed the existance of his office.

Then there is the fact that the Liberals tried to pressure Harper into not apologizing for First Nations for thier treatment.

And where is Justin's apology on behalf of the Liberal Party in the 90's and they attack on health and education transferes to the provinces. Oh wait he appluaded an attack on universal health greater then even Harper has tried to do.

I could go on.

Matt Guerin said...

Fine, Ryan, you're NDP. Congratulations. I could quibble with your arguments but I'm falling asleep. Good night!

kitt said...

Too funny and desperation by some because of the fear that Trudeau will be forming the next government. And wow the hyperbole is thick as molasses, sticky and without foundation too.... :)

Poor Ryan. Poor NDP.

HARDCRAD said...

J-TRUDEAUMANIA + Actual good, progressive candidates + no separatism as a polarizing issue + sick n' tired of Steve = SlamDunk 2015

rockfish said...

The Dippers conveniently skim over the history where, aided by an ever-desperate 4th party syndrome, St. Jack joined forces with Stephen Harper to bring down the last Liberal government, which had agreements on Kelowna Accord and Kyoto and universal childcare ready to go. Yes, the Libs had forestalled those items for a number of years, however Paul Martin had only been leader for just under 2 years at that stage and shouldn't be held responsible for all the actions of the prior leadership. Or is the NDP/CCF still clinging to Woodsworth's eugenics?