Friday, October 25, 2013

Behold: Rob Ford thug David Price's destruction of public property

When you reward a thug psychopath who likes to hang out with criminals by electing him mayor, low and behold said thug recruits his thug friends and their destructive, impulsive, anti-social behaviour gets worse and worse and worse. That would very much sum up the last three unfortunate years in Toronto municipal politics.

Those idiots who voted for Mayor Fraud in Toronto in 2010 because they wanted a tax cut or thought Fraud's pathetic past behaviour made him "entertaining" need a serious reckoning. They'll get it in about a year when Torontonians correct this gross mistake and remove this abomination from the mayor's chair.

Until then, we have to keep watching the thugs do their thing on the public dime. Behold the incident in which Mayor Fraud's high-priced thug David Price - who gets a taxpayer-financed salary of about $130,000 to do stuff that Fraud calls "none of the public's business" - gets annoyed he missed a GO train on August 27, 2013 despite arriving late at the station and decides to destroy public property. Watch from 00:46 to when he smashes the door at 01:13.

We need an ADULT in the Toronto mayor's chair and adults on his/her payroll. We won't get that until Fraud is removed.

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