Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pupatello still tops, followed by Wynne, in my Liberal leadership deliberations

I remain quite supportive of Sandra Pupatello for the leadership of the Ontario Liberals. She continues to perform well with a clear and consistent message that I'm sure will continue to be fleshed out more fully in advance of January 26th. Sandra remains my top choice for leader.

But I need to amend my last post and declare that Kathleen Wynne is now firmly my second choice. Wynne performed very strongly today at the debate in Ajax. She's coming on very strongly in the final weeks of this campaign. My fondness for strong female political candidates, plus the fact that she's a "member of the family" make her winning on January 26th something which could make me quite happy.

Having said that, I think that Sandra Pupatello is still the better candidate for the entire province as a whole. She'd be a natural in the role and I think the most successful. At this time, I do think that Ontario needs a slight shift to the centre from the centre-left and Pupatello can accomplish this with greater credibility than Wynne who is a more stay-the-course candidate, in my estimation.

Gerard Kennedy remains an uninspiring communicator, much weaker in that department than both Wynne and Pupatello. Hence why he's now fallen to a distant third in my leadership estimations, followed by Eric Hoskins (#4), Charles Sousa (#5), Glen Murray (#6) and Harinder Takhar (#7).

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