Monday, November 26, 2012

Time for Toronto conservatives to find a new champion and ditch Buffoon Ford!

Many of Rob Ford's opponents are celebrating today's surprising court decision to remove him from office for breaking the law.

Apparently, Rob Ford intends to appeal the decision in court and try to stay in office. If a byelection is held to fill the vacancy caused by today's ruling, it seems that Rob Ford may try to run again on some kind of demented "I'm a victim of left wing conspiracies" platform. Surely the idiots who make up the base of Ford Nation will be happy to vote for the buffoon again. But surely not the fiscal conservatives in Toronto who merely wanted some relief in 2010 after years of David Miller and couldn't stomach George Smitherman's immense baggage. Haven't they seen enough of this gong show yet?

If there is a byelection, I hope Torontonians who want fiscal responsibility in the Toronto mayor's office will take this ruling as the last straw that it is and ditch this buffoon Ford and find someone else who is qualified to lead a world-class city and who doesn't regularly disregard the law for his private purposes. Surely there are better conservatives in Toronto than Rob Ford!

Sadly, Ford's thoughtless fans in the right-wing media are already at it. Apparently, when one of their own breaks the law and is forced to face the consequences, it's an insult to the voters. When ordinary people break the law, we don't get cheerleaders at Sun Media demanding we be forgiven without consequences. They throw the book at us. The hypocrisy is disgusting.

Enough of the gong show! It's time this regrettable chapter in Toronto's history come to a close. If this decision is upheld and we have a byelection in Toronto to fill the mayor's office, I hope we get better candidates than the sorry lot we got in 2010.

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