Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rob Ford: the big, fat homophobe strikes again!

The Wildrose Party in Alberta has nothing on Toronto (in the bigotry department) as long as Rob Ford, aka Mayor Fraud stays in office.

If there were any fiscal conservatives or red Tories who still believed Ford's refusal to participate in Pride events was anything other than a disgusting and arrogant display of bigotry, perhaps this announcement, two months ahead of time, without even checking his schedule, will finally prove it. Pride starts on June 22nd with a flag raising at Toronto City Hall. Somehow I don't think even fat Ford's well-publicized diet will inspire him to take the stairs up one flight in order to participate in that. His family cottage getaway that doesn't start until June 30th will no doubt prevent him. He's scared of gays, you see, and he's happy to send the message to the public that it's okay to disrespect us. He attends other big annual festivals, including the Caribbean festival in August. But when it comes to our 10-day festival, his family trip on the last day of the festival means he can't make any of it. Only idiot homophobes and Ford Nation buy that.

The mayor of Toronto has an obligation to respect and acknowledge all communities in his city and Pride is the LGBT community's biggest annual festival. He is insulting us by snubbing us in 2012, as he did in 2011, as he did prior to becoming mayor when he said AIDS prevention programs deserve zero funding because the only people who get AIDS are gays and drug dealers.

George Smitherman, the man most responsible for Ford's election, I hope you're happy. Ugh.

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