Sunday, December 11, 2011

My advice to Blatchford: Quit writing, move to Texas and become a cowgirl!

Behold, the latest atrocity by writer Christie Blatchford. After studying for weeks the impacts of macho men who allegedly massacred their daughters and a wife to protect male honour, she's now lamenting the low number of macho male rapists and child murderers in Toronto.

Blatchford doesn't like men showing their softer, feminine sides. I find this a repulsive inclination on her part because I love (for obvious reasons) the softer, kinder, gentler sides of men. I think most gay men and women do too.

She thinks the best way to deal with bullies is to take them outside and beat the crap out of them. She may have a point, but I remember standing up to bullies in Grade 10 with threatened physical retaliation was just as effective. It's strange Blatchford thinks advocating violent, vigilante action against bullies in a newspaper is appropriate. Perhaps Blatchford's simply lost it and this column is simply a cry for help, as if she were writing, 'Stop publishing me!'

Ms. Blatchford, here's some free advice: Quit writing forever, move to Texas and take up your true calling as a cowgirl. We'll all be a lot happier.

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Bismark said...

Blatchford is a wanna-be Ann Coulter. Which is rather a pathetic goal on the part of this shriveled old skank.