Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Useless Tory MP Rob Anders falls asleep in Parliament

Despite his previous attacks on Nelson Mandela and longtime moronic behaviour, Tory MP Rob Anders has been continually protected by the central Tory brass around Stephen Harper from ever being challenged for his free ticket to Parliament from Calgary West, despite numerous attempts over the years to elect somebody qualified to be a Member of Parliament for the area.

Falling asleep in Parliament? The fact he couldn't get a bit excited by a Tory colleague speaking live directly in front of him (thereby guaranteeing he was on camera) speaks volumes. Yet, I'm sure that Harper will fight tooth and nail to make sure Anders gets acclaimed again for the Tory nomination in his riding. Will voters in Calgary West approve? Probably, since they keep electing the moron by massive margins every chance they get.

Sophisticated democracies throw out bums like Anders, not re-elect them five times! Until Rob Anders goes down to the defeat he deserves for being the most useless MP in Canada, I'm afraid Calgary and Alberta will continue to be seen by folks like me as still very much a backwater of unenlightened rednecks, no matter what Premier Alison Redford says.

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