Thursday, November 10, 2011

The heartless stupidity of Mayor Fraud's words after tragic death of pregnant cyclist

This week's tragic death of cyclist Jenna Morrison, a pregnant, 38-year-old mother and wife, in Toronto's west-end has really hit home for me. Morrison died at the corner of Sterling Road while turning west on her bicycle onto Dundas, a turn I also make on a regular basis on my bicycle as I live in the very same area. She was clipped by a truck as both made a right turn and she was pushed under the back wheels and died. Police are still investigating and charges may still be laid against the truck driver.

I cried last night watching this video of the press conference yesterday at the site of the tragedy.

Although I didn't know her, reports make clear she was a beautiful person. I will continue to cycle around town, including on this very corner. But I'll never forget what happened as I cycle past this location.

At a time like this, I'm reminded of the abomination of a man and the fraud we unfortunately have for mayor of Toronto and his disgusting, heartless, stupid words uttered a few years back when he was just a whiny councillor. In life, Morrison was just a pinko cyclist who didn't matter in Rob Ford's Toronto.

Watch this video of Rob Ford, remember Jenna Morrison and her unborn child and vote accordingly in 2014:

You'll probably enjoy reading this article as much as I did: a spot-on analysis of the fraud's first year in office.

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