Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Persichilli shows his Tory feathers as he joins Harper's PMO...

TheStar Star columnist Angelo Persichilli to join PMO

I've always thought I was reading conservative spin when reading Angelo Persichilli's columns over the years. His analysis always reserved the most scrutiny and hostility for Liberal subjects. Rarely did he point a critical eye at Stephen Harper or other Conservatives. Now his Tory credentials are confirmed.

Lessons learned: if the so-called fair-minded journalist sounds like a Tory duck, looks like Tory duck, quacks like a Tory duck, he's a Tory (and a duck!)


Rick said...

I assume you have heard of Paul Martin and Warren Kinsella right? Ask them if Angelo is a Tory duck - if anything you might be able to say he has changed his views as he has gotten older, but he is a long time Liberal connected person.

"Stephen Harper has appointed a Toronto journalist who had strong ties to Paul Martin’s Liberals as his new director of communications....."

Steve V said...

Rick, when you get your head out of your ass go read his columns the past few years. I already knew he had it in for the Libs, he's shown himself to be nothing more than a mercenary.

That guy hasn't sounded like a Liberal for a long time, and now it all FITS perfectly. At least we won't have to read his useless biased tripe anymore, it was always low rent crap to begin with.