Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homophobia trumps racism: Bigot Rob Ford plays favourites on the summer festival circuit...

TheStar: Rob Ford promises to attend Caribbean Carnival

For my friends of colour who insist racism is still a huge problem in Toronto, I give you exhibit A: Rob Ford. With his actions today, Toronto's white trash bigot of a mayor proves that homophobia is still far more fashionable than racism. What's worse, the virulent homophobes who make up a portion of the black community will take Ford's attendance at their festival just weeks after snubbing the batty boys as further "proof" that hating gays is, indeed, okay in Ford's Toronto.

Twenty years ago, a mayor like Ford wouldn't have been caught dead at something like Caribana. Such is the mindset of our bigoted, anti-mayor. But today, Ford sees the value in sucking up to certain communities in Toronto, namely the suburban minorities who refuse to accept that discrimination based on race can only be wrong as long as discrimination based on sexual orientation is also wrong.

Of course, Ford's mantra is to pick and choose which parts of society he'll respect and which parts he'll disrespect. He, like most conservatives, divides up the populace and plays favourites. He shows respect to his base and nothing but disdain for the rest.

Of course, Ford's base isn't as stable as he'd like it to be. He forgets his 47% of the vote in October 2010 was trumped by a divided 53%. The opposition won't be so divided in 2014 after four years of broken promises and/or deteriorating city services.

Ford's message today: discrimination based on sexual orientation and disrespect for LGBT people is A-okay. The contrast couldn't be clearer.

My message to non-homophobic Ford supporters: SHAME!


Anonymous said...

Are you stating that Rob Ford should not attend the Toronto Caribbean Festival(Caribana-I believe the biggest parade in toronto in the past) after he just ignored the Pride Festival. Imagine the controversy that it would create for him politically. That would be a huge mistake for him politically esp. after what happened with Pride.

Next you seem to putting "Homophobia vs Racism..Which is worse?" Both are equally wrong, and attacking the Black/Caribbean community over his decision to attend is also wrong.
You seem to forget that the city spends less the $400,000 on caribana, however it brings in more then $450 million dollars to the city... For that alone the mayor should be attending some events of the festival. Also since the city helps fund the festival, they shouldn't be rejecting the mayor(who represents the city) from attending.

You seem to be condemning Ford for his Bigotry, however there seems to be bigotry/racial tones in your Piece.
1 "Virulent Homophobes in the black community"... Every community has it racial/ethnic/religous groups that are homophobic... and to imply that black community is worse is wrong...what proof do u have of this?

2. "batty Boys" this term is a homophobic/racial term that is used to put down mainly caribbean homosexuals..This is a offensive term that should have never been used to make any point... Just like the N-word F-word..using it to link Ford is just Stupid on your part.

Matt Guerin said...

Ouch...I don't regret a word I wrote in my post.

Anonymous said...

Well Thats obvious, I just disagree in how your making your point.. and pitting two minority groups against each other..over a decision they have no influence in.

Matt Guerin said...

I am certainly not impugning the black community anymore than any community. The festival should of course accept his attendance and welcome him.

But it's Ford who is playing one community against another very deliberately. It's disgusting the discriminatory example he is showing and I'm sure we'll hear from many in the Caribbean community critical of Ford's inconsistencies. But still they'll be welcome of him at Caribana, of course. And there's nothing wrong with that. I am only attacking Ford.

Anonymous said...

If the caribbean community should "of Course" accept Rob Ford, then what was your main point in this piece. You didn't need caribana to prove that Rob Ford was a bigot or not.
Ford isn't pitting the Caribbean community versus Gays. You are in your piece here.

Your first two paragraphs, while you might have tried to attack Rob Ford instead you turned around and attacked another racial/ethinic group. Implying that they also are a bigots like Rob Ford.

Here are you two Quotes:
1."the virulent homophobes in the black community will take Ford's attendance at their festival just weeks after snubbing the batty boys"
2."sees the value in sucking up to certain communities in Toronto, namely the suburban minorities who refuse to accept that discrimination based on race can only be wrong as long as discrimination based on sexual orientation is also wrong"

There is a large part of both the caribbean and black community who support and fight for the rights of everyone including gays. Being that it is a festival there gay individuals/performers involved in caribana.

Matt Guerin said...

Musiq, once you've made a point, you don't have to repeat it. And then repeat it again. I read it the first time.

So I have to repeat myself too. Yes I am attacking Ford in this piece. It is he who is playing favourites very deliberately and using showing up at Caribana to contrast with how he recently snubbed Pride.

But I also attack homophobes anywhere, including in the black community. You appear to be in denial about that homophobia. But of course, there are huge numbers of people in the black community who support equality and dignity for LGBT people too. Nothing in my post contradicts that. It's just you reading in racism where none exists. If you've read my blog regularly you'd know that.

Having observed Ford for years, his actions re: the festivals very clearly fits the pattern of anti-gay bigotry.

TheRanger said...

So if Rob Ford goes to Caribana it means "hating gays is ok". If he doesn't go to Caribana it means what, hating blacks is ok?

Matt Guerin said...

Ranger, you seem to simply not get my point.

Group A has major summer festival. Ford snubs it, communicating the community doesn't matter.

Group B has major summer festival one month later. Ford makes a point of going to it, thus emphasizing that he will go to festivals, but only when the community is worthy of his attendance.

What about Ford's snub do you not understand?

TheRanger said...

So Ford attending Caribana has gone from "hating gays is ok" to a snub?

Its quite a bit of hyperbole to say that "hating gays is ok".

Matt Guerin said...

'Disrespecting gays is okay' and 'Hating gays is okay' are really not that much different, Ranger.

TheRanger said...

You can certainly say that he doesn't support the gay community. But that does not equate to "hating gays is ok". Its quite a reach to go from him being non-supportive to "hating gays is ok".

Similarly if he didn't support Caribana or say St. Patricks day by not going to a festival it certainly doesn't mean he's saying that hating black people or irish people is ok.

Matt Guerin said...

For someone who likes to post on a queer political website, you haven't done your homework, Ranger.

Ford was on record in the past saying funding for HIV programs was of "no value" because the only people who get AIDS are drug users and gay people. Meaning if gay people gets AIDS and die, who cares? I thought that was pretty hateful. His refusal to go to Pride reinforces a long-standing trend with Ford that he doesn't like gays.

Enough. Ford is homophobic. Admit it and move on. Stop with this useless, he isn't what he is nonsense.