Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ignatieff tells Harper what leadership is all about

This was another great moment last night when we finally got to see Stephen Harper get a little truth about leadership from Michael Ignatieff. Play it often.


Prairie Kid said...

Ah it's good to see Jason Cherniak is back alive and well.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

I didn't see the English debate. Harper imo won the French debate handily, and Jack was a close second. Duceppe lost imo, though many comments show disagreement. Ignatieff was last by far. Lacklustre message delivered in an uncomfortable second language.

He should have worked to have May included, her French would have distracted from his.

However he did begin on a raring go at Duceppe which was a highlight. He didn't push it enough and didn't really change anyone's mind.

Weak performance. The sooner Ignatieff's gone the better. Walking disaster from Day 1, the LPC executive were fools to crown him, and he was a fool to accept.

(However that said, he probably performed quite quite well considering the other three are total old-hats at the debates)