Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Debate draw...Ignatieff exceeds expectations with many voters.

Watching tonight's debate left me invigorated with Michael Ignatieff's performance and leadership. I applauded with joy his many zingers and take-downs of Stephen Harper and his record. He made the case this Harper government has got to go.

He also put forth eloquently the many reasons why the Liberals are the best alternative government. If he has anything more to do now in the next 2.5 weeks, it's to firmly convince Canadians he's got a credible and, indeed, better program for taking the country forward. And he's the best guy to lead it.

All the leaders did well tonight. Harper suffered considerable blows and I don't think convinced anyone not already leaning toward him to support him. Layton reassured traditional New Democrats to continue to back the party, but I still think his vote will go down to 15/16%. Duceppe was again the welcome voice of objectivity and considerably hurt Harper tonight, especially by reminding viewers of Harper's hypocrisy on minority governments in 2004.

Ignatieff looked prime ministerial and deeply thoughtful; he was the most human of the candidates. Harper was Harper. Layton was a salesman.

Now the main issue of the election will become: what would Harper do with a majority government? And do you really want one? I'd guess that more than 60% of Canadians will continue to NOT want one on May 2nd.