Friday, April 29, 2011

Accused drunk driver/wife beater endorses Stephen Harper...Sun Media smears Jack Layton...

Remember when it came out last summer that Rob Ford had been arrested in Florida for drug possession and drunk driving in 1999 (see mug shot to the right)? The revelations followed other incidents which included Ford being thrown out of the Air Canada Centre in 2006 intoxicated after berating a couple of strangers and in 2008 being accused of beating his wife (the charges were eventually dropped). None of these real scandals seemed to hurt Rob Ford, who went on to win the Toronto mayoralty.

Now the alleged wife beater and drunk driver is endorsing Stephen Harper in this election.

Meanwhile, Sun Media is quoting an unnamed Toronto police officer as having seen Jack Layton naked inside an alleged bawdy house in Toronto's Chinatown in 1996, apparently after having received a shiatsu.

The Sun quoted the mysterious cop: "To have arrested him and charged him would have served our egos a lot more. Layton was a thorn in the side of the police, siding with the anti-poverty movement in '96 or '97 ... Jack was anti-police," the ex-cop said.

Olivia Chow, Layton's wife, denied her husband had done anything wrong in an e-mail statement late Friday night.

"Sixteen years ago, my husband went for a massage at a massage clinic that is registered with the City of Toronto," Chow wrote. "He exercises regularly; he was and remains in great shape; and he needed a massage.

"I knew about this appointment, as I always do."

In a letter from his lawyer, Layton recalls "being advised by police at the time that he did nothing wrong."

I'm sure Layton did nothing improper in this incident. Certainly nothing as bad as Rob Ford.

This story of course follows Sun Media's exclusive story this election about how Michael Ignatieff started the Iraq War in 2003.

It seems to me that Sun Media and all its affiliates are just yellow journalists and fiction writers pushing a partisan agenda. I think this lousy smear will actually be seen by the public for what it is - and it will backfire dearly against Sun Media's political wing, the Conservative Party.


Frunger said...

The story (the facts at least) are true as substantiated by Layton and Chow themselves, although it is unknown what actually happened in that room

I always like to look at a story by thinking about "what if it was someone else (Harper or Iggy in this case) that was the focus of the lewd innuendo and how would it be covered.

This would be plastered on every homepage and every front page if Harper was found naked in a bed at a seedy massage parlor. My guess is that Sun is the only media network to run with it. It will be handled as 3rd string news by CBC and their ilk.

This should have come out 5 days ago. They wouldn't be able to ignore it for a week.

ThinkingManNeil said...

Kinda like Goering endorsing Hitler

ThinkingManNeil said...

I think most people will see this for what it is; a desperate attempt by a bunch of panicked, unprincipled chuckleheads to throw shit at the clear frontrunner and pray to Jebus something sticks. Most folks won't buy into it and those rubes who do aren't worth the trouble anyway. Just goes to show who puts the $20 on the nightstands of David Akin & Sun Media.