Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Justin Trudeau shows very poor judgment...

So much for the political judgment of Justin Trudeau. This was pretty daft on his part, I must say. Sometimes, opposition critics feel the need to criticize the government for the sake of criticizing. This should not have been one of those times.

Honour killings are barbaric and putting that in a document outlining Canadian values to new immigrants is perfectly acceptable, in my opinion.

I'm also glad that gay marriages are finally mentioned in this citizenship guide. It's about time!

********** UPDATE

Finally, some better thought-out comments from Trudeau today lessens the damage from yesterday's musings: “My problem with the use of the word barbaric is that it was chosen to reassure Canadians rather than actually change unacceptable behaviours,” he said on Twitter.

“The subjective value loaded into that word makes it easy to dismiss as an insult, rather than a statement of basic, simple fact,” he added.

Instead, he suggested describing such acts as “totally unacceptable,” a phrase he says is “clear, strong, and objective, without being ‘us civilized, you not.’”

On that front, he is making some sense. The Harperites have cut funding to women's groups and the kinds of community organizations in minority communities that help women escape domestic violence. It is typical of Conservatives to use 'pejorative' language to attack a problem, but then do little to nothing to actually deal with it.

Added a senior Ignatieff official today on this issue: “It’s disappointing that the Conservatives think that a mention of violence against women in this guide is a sufficient strategy to actually combat violence against women...If Stephen Harper claims to be concerned about violence against women, why has his government refused to develop a National Violence Against Women Prevention Strategy that the House of Commons unanimously endorsed in 2008?”


CK said...

Funny, when Jason Kenney uses words like "culturally barbaric", they do really sound inflammatory; nothing more than to further stoke the the bigots in this country.

The fact is, nowhere in the criminal code there is such inflammatory language, why should this guide? Is this to assume crimes committed by immigrants are worse than when whites commit them?

Another thing, the faux outrage on the part of the Harpercons as well as the Immigrant itself is an excercise in hypocrisy--they don't care about women and girls. They've proven not to care about conjugal violence during the debates over the long gun registry and again when discussing their stupid 'tough on crime' agenda.

Notice how none of those dirty old men of that cult in Bountiful, BC who actually force underage girls to marry them, have sex with them, thus raping them and having their babies. Have any of those dirty old men been arrested? Nor does anyone in the media and such use words like 'culturally' barbaric to describe them.

It's really embarrassing to be a Canadian these days because of growing bigotry; not because of Justin Trudeau.

ridenrain said...

I don't know if I would call honour killings, wife beating and genital mutilation; "unacceptable behaviours". I think something stronger is necessary. This isn't simply a disagreement between equal cultures but an outright rejection of actions that Canada does not accept.
Drop the politics, stop sucking up for votes and stop enabling this crap.

CK said...

Ah, Ridenrain came by with his dog whistle. Again, no such thing as "honour killing". Femicide is Femicide; no matter who does it.

Funny how you care about a bunch of brown girls more than under age girls in places like Bountiful, British Columbia.