Saturday, November 27, 2010

Required reading for Vaughan voters: 'Fantino wasn’t ‘there for the little guy’ in Caledonia'

I've always had grudging respect for Christie Blatchford. I haven't always agreed with her biases. Often, as a partisan Liberal, she's annoyed the hell out of me. But that's what good and fair reporters need to do: sometimes annoy you, sometimes thrill you. If the same reporter can both piss you off on some occasions, and bring smiles on others, then clearly she is doing a good job as a reporter.

I dare say that she's right on the money here when it comes to Julian Fantino. Much of what this unfortunate man has accomplished in his career is completely offensive to me. As London, Ontario police chief, many critics attacked Fantino for turning a child-porn investigation into a witch hunt against local gay men. In Toronto, many say he failed to adequately deal with police force corruption. As head of the OPP, his record on Caledonia is well-documented. It's true: he's no more a friend of the 'little guy' than his would-be boss, Stephen Harper. So it's not surprising Fantino is attracted to Harper's party and government.

I only wish that Greg Sorbara and Dalton McGuinty had thought more clearly before appointing this self-promoting man to so many high-profile positions in the Ontario police hierarchy. It does seem those appointments had more to do with removing a potential Fantino candidacy for the Ontario PCs (presumably against Sorbara himself in Vaughan) than simple merit.

Like attracts like. After posting the biggest deficit in history, after spending over $1 billion on the G8/G20, after fighting tooth and nail to end the long gun registry, after dividing Canadians and regions against regions, after diminishing Canada's standing in the world, the last thing Stephen Harper deserves is to take a seat away from Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

I'll be praying on Monday that the people of Vaughan do the right thing and tell Julian Fantino and Stephen Harper to take a hike.

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Dman said...

Thanks Mark for the additional depth to the Fantino mystery. After London JulieBoy was on to become Police Chief in York Region and then back to Toronto as chief.
I suspect most occupations where there is NO so-called BLUE WALL OF SILENCE, former co-workers would be more able and willing to share their experiences of what it must have been like having to work with Grumpy, SadSack Fantino.
Don Cherry’s assertion that Fantino will advocate for the so-called little guy is totally PREPOSTEROUS. If Fantino were actually to do this at some point in future, it would probably be the first time ever.
I can / will hope and pray for the ultimate TwoFer in the near future … Fantino’s campaign non-performance leading to his rejection in Vaughn AND the removal of Cherry’s sorry ass from H.N.I.C. before Christmas.