Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rob Ford's Immaturity

I think this is from Rob Ford's first term as councillor in Toronto between 2000 and 2003 (based on the speaker's reference to Councillor Johnston, presumably Anne Johnston, who was defeated in 2003.)

Do you think Ford has matured much since then? Sadly, I imagine Toronto city council meetings would look like this more often than not were Ford to actually win the mayoralty next month.

And people wonder why Sarah Thomson was willing to suspend her campaign just to stop this guy?


Rotterdam said...

We need Rob Ford!
Toronto elites are afraid he will reign in their spending habits.
Great video, it shows Rob is not afraid to stand up.
I love it how the left is in such a tizzy, eight years of socialism, and Toronto has finally had enough.
This video shows only Rob can be trusted.

Matt Guerin said...

You Ford fans are fanatics! Ford calls his fellow councillor a weasel, he screams like a nutbar! We need Rod Ford like we need a bullet hole in the head!

Rob Ford is a habitual liar not to be trusted!