Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Roundup: Freddie Stroma dancing in his underwear, Religious Freedom and those funny Tories...

Who's Freddie Stroma, you're probably asking? I hadn't heard of him either until I found this YouTube video posted on Perez Hilton this week. My friend Scott also linked to it this morning on his Xtra blog, so I thought I'd get into the action too here.

Stroma is a U.K.-born actor who's got a supporting role in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince out in theatres tomorrow. Last year, he did this beautiful little modeling gig, showing off Acne Underwear's 2008 collection as well as his considerable assets in almost eight minutes of dancing. I quite agree with the emerging gay consensus that this is required viewing! Scott says he could only make it through 85% of the video; I'm proud to say I enjoyed the entire thing (although I did find the absence of music to be strange, although it did allow us to singularly focus on Stroma instead.) So I offer readers the video to test how long they can ogle a gorgeous, young Harry Potter star in his skivvies.

With the sexy stuff out of the way, I do have a couple of serious issues to discuss.

This case sounds interesting, although I do agree that the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has no jurisdiction over who a Catholic Church chooses to let work on its altar. If you agree with the division of church and state, I can't see how Jim Corcoran's case can be supported. Yes his fellow parishioners displayed incredibly unkind and, I would say, un-Christian behaviour in launching their complaint against Corcoran, getting him removed from his altar server duties in St. Michael's Church in Cobourg. Yet religion does often seem to give its followers a free pass to be inhumane toward their fellow men and women.

But not all religious people are mean to gay people, if this new book called 'Jesus Was A Liberal' is to be believed.

Finally, for a funny read, check out this Tory spin by Michael Taube, who used to write speeches for Stephen Harper. He tries to spin that most Tories don't hate homosexuals, despite the recent demotion of Diane Ablonczy for giving Pride Toronto a grant through the Marquee Tourism Events Program.

I couldn't get past this paragraph by Taube without laughing: "Following that train of thought, Pride Week is not the celebration of diversity its supporters claim. Rather, it's a polarizing special interest event which represents a narrow cross-section of society. It's not a festival that brings Canadians together in the same way Canada Day celebrations, supporting our troops rallies, and Santa Claus parades do."

Typical of a Tory to call Pride divisive, but not rallies supporting our troops, or even Santa Claus parades, which are just plain annoying, as far as I'm concerned. The traffic jams they cause and all ;-)


Scott said...

Thanks for the link, Matt!

Don't forget, I couldn't watch the whole video because I'm 15% hetero! ;)

Matt Guerin said...

My God, Scott, that makes me 100% gay! lol

Simon said...

Boys...puhleaze...get a grip on yourselves. Is that an ad for underwear or one for Oxfam? Will somebody please feed that twink before he collapses.
I was only able to watch for about TWO minutes ....so what does that make me only 30 per cent gay? Huh? Wot? ;)
On the other hand you're completely right about Michael Taube.
The Santa Claus Parade?

Matt Guerin said...

hahaha, Simon...the twink looks pretty hot to me! Awesome body on that one, lean and smooth! But to each their own!