Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pride Week thoughts: Canadian politics almost bores, Obama continues to betray LGBT community....

I have almost no time to blog these days. Screenwriting takes up most of my spare time. Plus there hasn't been much in the news to really inspire a post. That was always my technique for blogging: wait for something to inspire me, or anger me, or make me extremely happy enough to write about it.

Alas, the federal political scene is boring as hell with Michael Ignatieff still trying to find his federal leader feet and Harper proving as cunning as ever. I do hope that Iggy finds a way soon to connect with ordinary Canadians and communicate to them clearly what his leadership would provide the country. My fingers remain crossed. The provincial scene is far worse, although the race for the Ontario PC leadership has caught my attention. It will be interesting to see if Ontario Tories, after veering to the centre-right under John Tory, stay there or regress back to 1995 when Ontarians mistakenly believed we could cut taxes irresponsibly and still maintain basic public services.

This may be my last post for the month, not sure. But I do want to wish everyone a Happy Pride Week! I was pleased to see even the Harper Tories are now acknowledging the huge economic windfall that Pride brings to the Ontario economy with this recent announcement, even if the Christian Heritage Party refuses. One question for the CHP: did your anti-abortion protest bring one million people to Ottawa and hundreds of millions of tourist dollars? Nah.

After almost six months of Barack Obama in the White House, it's starting to feel a lot like the 1990s, with little to no gains for American queers despite the many promises from the Democrats on the election trail. I quite agree with the sentiments expressed in this post last month by Andrew Sullivan. But I'd take it a step further: Obama's betrayed his supporters in the gay community and we should make him suffer politically for it. In the end, Obama is nothing more than an extremely talented politician. His delicate and hypocritical stand against equal marriage is proof of that.

I've always believed that smart politicians know how to tend to their base. George W. Bush definitely understood that. And the LGBT community and its friends are one of the basic foundations of the Democratic Party, no doubt. I'd love for Obama to win a second term and do right for his country, including queer Americans. But so far he's been very disappointing on equal rights. If this keeps up, why should LGBT Americans feel any urgency to keep Obama in the White House in 2012? (Unless of course the Republicans find some scary nutbar to run as their presidential candidate.)

In any event, I'm hoping things start to look up soon. In the mean time, I'll keep to my screenwriting and red wine. Enjoy Pride!

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