Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tom Flanagan's dumb argument against human rights commissions..

Tom Flanagan's right-wing tendencies seem to have gotten the better of him today with this bullshit article about human rights commissions being unnecessary. Flanagan argues that discrimination in the private sector is unprofitable, therefore there is no need to legislate against it; instead, we should let market forces slowly, gradually convince bigots to stop their evil ways.

It's like saying murder is unprofitable to the murderer. After killing innocent people, the murderer will find himself shunned by his fellow citizens, they won't trust him, he won't be able to work and live in peace, so eventually he'll be convinced that he should give up his murdering ways. We don't need criminal laws against murder, market forces will do the trick.

Dumb, Tom, really, really dumb! It's the kind of argument made by older, conservative, straight, White guys who have never really experienced any kind of discrimination in their lives and therefore can't understand the real damage that it causes.

Reasonable people know that market freedom alone cannot stop things we deem undesirable. If you let the private sector govern itself with little regulation, we get the excess that helped lead to the 2008 economic collapse, you get environmental degradation, you get anything private forces deem the most profitable for them. Without the sober, objective stick of government regulation, the private sector runs amok and leads us all to disaster.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll write an opinion piece today about how no one would ever think of conducting insider trades because that kind of act could undermine faith in our financial institutions if ever uncovered.

Certainly no one would risk the irreparable harm to the companies that employ them, much less the great economy that sustains our way of life.

Why even have financial regulatory policies or agencies to enforce the acceptable practices?

Think I can get the Natty Post or some other rag to print it? I could always take the pen name Tom Flanagan.

Good Post!

Lizt. said...

Hudak and Hillier are both wanting to get rid of thr Ontario Human Rights commission. Are all these Right Wingers nuts?

Jason said...

Good post!