Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am Gritgirl

There has been much speculation about the true identity of 'Gritgirl', the pesky little video producer who continues to shoot darts at the Harper Conservatives with "her" telling and timely attacks, including the video posted above.

Some have said that Warren Kinsella is really Gritgirl. They are wrong.

Some have said that Jason Cherniak is Gritgirl. They are wrong also.

After many weeks of holding it in, I can't any longer.

Alas, it's little old me. Why am I coming out? Because I always love coming out. Revealing one's secret identity can be a very dramatic and scary thing. But spring is in the air and I'm feeling excited. I thought it was time to be honest with all Canadians and finally take credit for all of my hard work.

Have a great April's Fools, everyone! (Okay fine, I'm not really Gritgirl. I don't know who's producing these lovely videos, but I hope they continue to do so until we get rid of this unresponsive Harper government.)

You can see all of Gritgirl's stinging indictments of the Harper government here.


penlan said...

LOL - I believed you - I'm now an April Fool.

Saskboy said...

I'm Grit Girl. Sask Boy... Grit Girl? Get it? ;-)

George Young said...

Got me too! Well done!

Adam M said...

Wait, does this mean you also know who Gossip Girl is?