Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do we really want to see Premier "Goof" elected, sorry Premier Tim Hudak?

Try as I may, I simply don't see much leadership potential in Tim Hudak, described by some as the early frontrunner to replace John Tory as leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. This line from Jim Coyle's column yesterday made me change my mind about Hudak: "(Christine) Elliott didn't exactly call Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP Tim Hudak a callow, derivative mini-Mike who's hardly dipped a toe in the work world beyond politics and is looking to fight campaigns of the past, not the future. But she might as well have."

Tim Hudak has always struck me as a bit of a goof. I'm sure it's his lack of real-world experience that contributes to that perception, as well as a certain right-wing arrogance.

It might be in my selfish interests as a Liberal to see Hudak win the leadership as such a scenario would make re-election easier for Dalton McGuinty's Liberals in 2011. When the rest of the world is turning away from unbridled conservatism, Hudak and others around him (like Mike Harris) are demanding a return to the far right. I would like the next alternative leader of the province to be viable, have some life experience under her/his belt and be able to reach out to all Ontarians. Such abilities are not weaknesses, as I'm sure many on the far right of that party believe after John Tory's tenure.

We'll see what path that party chooses come summer...

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