Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Amazon fiasco; Human Rights Campaign urges queer action to save Iowa gains...

I was too busy praying, eating turkey and watching movies over the weekend that I missed this story about how online retailer Amazon.com "accidentally" labelled hundreds of queer books as "adult material" and removed their sales rankings.

Kudos to other bloggers and twitterers for creating a firestorm around the story and getting quick action from Amazon.com. The company blamed a computer glitch for the delisting of queer titles and said that there was no new policy on adult materials. According to Xtra.ca, the Amazon fiasco was the most talked about topic on Twitter on Sunday, and it remained the top topic on Monday morning.

But I must ask: If you're pinned to your computer on a holiday weekend, what's wrong with you? It's spring, get outside! lol

On another note, I continue to greatly admire American activist Joe Solmonese and others at the U.S.-based Human Rights Campaign. Again today, I got an email from them warning of powerful right-wing groups in Iowa who are mounting a campaign to reverse the recent court decision giving same sex couples the right to marry in that state. The Human Rights Campaign is urging supporters of equality to send emails to Iowa leaders encouraging them to remain strong against the right-wing onslaught. Click here to send an email message to Iowa's political leaders urging them to continue to support fairness and equality.

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