Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Randy Hillier stokes anti-gay resentment while launching Conservative leadership bid...

You may never have heard of Randy Hillier, a country bumpkin who barely won a seat in the Ontario legislature in 2007 who announced yesterday he's running to replace outgoing Progressive Conservative leader John Tory.

I had heard that one of the reasons Tory wanted to stay on was to prevent a leadership race that would give Hillier a soapbox to spout his extreme bullshit. Hillier believes there should probably be no government, but if there has to be a little government, it should only worry itself with protecting the rights of white, heterosexual, rural libertarians like him at the expense of everyone else.

Take a look at some of his policy planks released yesterday on his website: Hillier wants health care professionals to pick and choose without penalty which public health services they'll provide based on religious prejudices, as well as allow marriage commissioners, whose salaries are paid for by all Ontarians (including gays and lesbians), to refuse services to same sex couples, despite the fact that equal marriage is now legal. He also wants to abolish the Ontario Human Rights Commission, claiming it only looks at issues through the narrow prism of "race and gender" and has an "inherent bias against freedom and towards entrenching the special interests of certain groups based upon its own limited view point that everyone is a victim."

Not everyone is a victim, argues Randy. Only white, heterosexual, male libertarians like him! Hillier speaks of 'Freedom, Justice & Democracy'. If he were honest, he'd really use the slogan, 'Freedom, Justice & Democracy for White, Heterosexual, Rural Libertarians, and hell for the rest!'

Hillier's campaign manager is Tristan Emmanuel, a former Presbyterian preacher who said he once ran for public office as part of the Family Coalition Party of Canada.

It's not just the gays that Randy is after; he also wants to make sure French services are silenced in this province too.

When I have more time, I'll dissect more of Hillier's dubious claims and proposals. Next to Hillier, Tim Hudak looks positively moderate, and that's saying something. Oooh, this is going to be a very scary leadership race.


√Čric said...

Is it likely that Hillier could be named leader? That might be enough to get me interested in Ontario provincial politics (in order to vote against him!).

Matt Guerin said...

Hillier might not be the frontrunner, but it's possible he might sign up many of nutbar supporters and hold considerable sway over the final result. I'm sure he'll be hoping to strike some kind of "deal" with Hudak or whomever in order to promote his narrow agenda and force the next PC leader to support some of his proposals.

KC said...

omigod all you had to say is that Tristan Emmanuel is his campaign manager to make my skin crawl.

Im sorry if that guy is your campaign manager you've lost the right to call yourself a "libertarian".

RevDave said...

There's something suspicious going on with Hillier and Equipping Christians, the advocacy group that is Emmanuel's former digs.

Because their new president, Tim Bloedow, has recently endorsed Hillier, too. I wonder what their centre is getting out of this.