Monday, February 2, 2009

Michael Phelps, I still love you...

I've been known to partake in a little mary-jane over the years. It's a rite of passage for many in this country. As those of us who have tried marijuana know, it's far less dangerous overall than most alcohol on the market. It's fun and it enhances creativity, I've always found. Our country's refusal to decriminalize the stuff is a shame. I'm hoping Michael Ignatieff moves on this file quickly when he knocks Harper out of office. I also hope one day outright legalization becomes a reality in Canada and we see pot regulated and taxed accordingly. Oh to dream.

So I'm certainly not going to dump on Michael Phelps over this recent controversy. In fact, I find myself respecting him even more. He's no longer just that Type-A personality, always practicing or eating, ultra-serious, boring athlete the American media made him out to be.

No this overwhelmingly talented swimmer god has a very human side. Should he have smoked up at a party in full view of people and allowed himself to be photographed? Uh, of course not. That was stupid. But I'll forgive him for that.

I'm glad the fallout thus far over this incident doesn't seem to be too severe on his career.

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MERBOY said...

Our biggest obstacle to legalization is the US... maybe with a more centrist president Canada won't feel pressured into adopting stupid American drug policies that are expensive and useless.