Thursday, February 5, 2009

Duffy, anyone would get the "shaft" in bed with

Perhaps newly-appointed Tory senator Mike "What's this unverified info on my blackberry, let's broadcast it to the nation!" Duffy has a point attacking a possible political alliance between PEI Premier Robert Ghiz and Newfoundland firebrand Danny Williams. But of course, Duffy, being an old straight guy, can't resist conjuring up images of "grotesque" homoeroticism to make his point.

Duffy's not the only straight guy who's been using homosexuality for punch lines lately. Homoeroticism as humour has become a staple of recent works by Judd Apatow and his lovely gang of young comedian/actors like Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. Just check out the latter's upcoming flick, 'I Love You, Man' for the latest example of straight guys exploring their sweeter sides. But when those guys in Hollywood do it, I don't feel insulted in the least (sometimes I'm actually turned on by it, which seems to be the point), especially since most of the comedy seems to be quite self-deprecating too.

Said Duffy in the Senate recently: “I was disappointed to see that our dynamic young premier in Prince Edward Island, Robert Ghiz, has climbed into bed with the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador and honourable senators know what a grotesque scene that is...Do honourable senators know what happens when two politicians climb into bed together? One of them comes out on top and I am afraid that when one is in bed with Danny Williams he will come out on top and I would hate to see where that will leave P.E.I. in the end.’’

The imagery couldn't be more clear. But during the Conservatives' annual meeting, Duffy used stronger language suggesting that when “two men’’ get in bed, “one is going to get the shaft...and I can assure you it won’t be Danny Williams.’’ Reportedly, some in the crowd reacted with a mix of mild laughter and muted applause, while others did not laugh or applaud at all.

Duffy's use of homoerotic imagery just makes me feel icky. It's funny coming from a guy who would give anyone, man or woman, the "shaft" in bed. Am I offended by Duffy's words? Not at all. I don't really find them funny either. I guess I'm just outside of Duffy's demographic.


Duffy withdraws his metaphor. Thanks to Montreal Simon for the link.

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Jay said...

Grotesque? This coming from a guy that looks like a sack of pigs in a fight.

Duffy is jealous because I can't imagine any thing that doesn't require a bicycle pump and high strength plastic getting in bed with him.

This guy needs to give up his poltics host shtick and get down to business. He's only got a few good years left to make a name for himself. He's already becoming the punch line to a bad conservative or senator joke.