Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Ugly Face of the Left....

Oooh, have I ever received an ugly dose of left-wing intolerance the last two days since I posted about not hating Sarah Palin. No doubt, many on the right who have complained ad nauseum about the double standards of some on the left are on to something. It seems I crossed the line by not sharing the same thoughts about 'Bible Spice' (I do admit I love that nickname) as some other lefties. Crazy me, I thought it was a free world!

Yes, I've never agreed Palin was presidential material, and I was deeply thankful she and John McCain lost. I hope she fails in her possible bid for the Republican nomination in 2012 and I have a feeling she will. However, simply writing that I don't believe she should now be crucified or burned at the stake seems to be a huge no-no, according to a select and vocal few.

Get a grip! I'm entitled to my opinion and to write about it here. And to the asshole from Winnipeg who shall remain nameless here, if you send me any more hate mail, I'll do more than block you on Facebook!

People - I'm allowed to believe what I believe and feel how I feel. There are elements of Sarah Palin's personality which I admire and that doesn't make me worthy of crucifixion too. Put down the rocks, queers! She lost! She's not the devil incarnate! And if somebody has a position with which you don't agree, it's okay. We all have a right to disagree, discuss it in a respectful manner and move on...

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Jesse said...

She is by no means a saint, or someone that would ever get my support, but you are right to question the extreme negative attitudes toward her.

It seems like this is similar (in a small way) to when the people from Eseldorf threw stones at an obviously innocent accused witch just to not be caught showing sympathy. :)