Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sarah Palin on Strombo

My apologies for the headline, I couldn't resist.

But honestly, I was impressed by her on Strombo's The Hour on NYE. She's got spunk. Maybe they'll take away my liberal card, but I got to admit I like the woman.


JetSetter said...

I don't know how much attention you paid to the American elections, but living here in the States, I could only get through about sixty seconds of her blather before I had to turn it off. Ack! Caribou Barbie is so disingenuous!

How can you not see that behind all her cutsieness, what she stands for is taking away your civil rights while she prays away the gay?

Matt Guerin said...

I paid a lot of attention to the U.S. elections being a big political junkie. I don't agree with most of what she stands for, but I admire her tenacity and guts for standing up to the extreme amount of scrutiny and attacks that came her way (and are still coming her way.) Has she ever said she tries to "pray away the gay"? I don't recall that.

David said...

Caribou Barbie is so disingenuous!

I'm partial to the Bible Spice moniker myself. Don't know where I heard it, but it's perfect.

Simon said...

OK Matt....that's the limit. Never mind your Liberal card. I want you to know I've just filed papers to have you expelled from the Gay Boys Club. So now you're officially STRAIGHT. That'll teach you eh? :)

Matt Guerin said...

Hahaha - am I the only gay boy who likes tough, spunky, controversial, diva women? I can't

bruce said...

Oh Matt, Honey, the extreme amount of scrutiny and attacks that came her way were well deserved. She barely has any understanding of current affairs, international relations, or anything that could prove useful if you’re running for the second highest job in the US. Her popularity with the right wing was based on her sheer ignorance, which she encouraged among them.

I don’t know if she said anything about praying away the gay, but maybe you don’t have to when your church does:

Sometimes I think you’re too easily swayed. It’s all well and fine to be open to things, but she encourages a kind of ignorance among her supporters where they would think it’s just fine to drag a nice boy you like behind their pickup truck.

Oh Crap said...

Hey Matt, you may be the only gay boy, but here's a queer girl who has no problem admitting the same.

Visit me at

All liberal cards left intact.

Matt Guerin said...

Ooohh, I struck a nerve here today with this post, didn't I? Thanks Oh Crap, I'm glad I'm not alone. In fact, I know I'm not.

Bruce, I'll ignore your comment about being too easily swayed (I didn't just watch one interview and decide I like her!!!!) and instead I'll just claim to be fair, something you're clearly not based on your comment. Palin encourages her supporters to drag homosexuals to death? Provide the quote here please to back that one up, if you can.

I don't think Palin is presidential material, but I do like aspects of her personality. I've always had a soft spot for female politicians, what can I say? The woman lost, you can put down your rocks!

And by the way, Palin isn't the only major candidate whose church embarrassed them considerably on the campaign trail last year, if you'll recall.

Oh Crap said...

Matt - one of the reasons I started my site is because I know so many on the so-called left who secretly admire Sarah Palin for various reasons but can't reconcile it politically or acknowledge it publicly.

There are a LOT of us.

I think there is a way to do both - critique her whackadoodle aspects and enjoy other things about her, the diva/pretty tomboy notwithstanding.

She is something totally new down here. I'd rather deal with it than try and repress it away, because we know where repression lands us.

Plus, she's just flat out totally sexy. Just because I say so doesn't mean I'm ever going to vote for her lol