Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Forget Warren's prayer today, give Robinson's a listen...

As I post this, controversial pastor Rick Warren is giving his very high-profile invocation at the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington, DC.

It does appear that Obama reserved the back of the bus position for openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson on Sunday. Robinson's prayer opened all inaugural events, but wasn't televised. Shame.

Obama's political skills are considerable. Giving the offensive Warren such a high profile position was a smart sop to the American right. Obama clearly has decided he more needs to build bridges with American evangelicals than with the LGBT community. If he keeps this up, he'll lose a key part of his base.

My philosophy regarding politics is it's all well and good to reach out to groups outside of your political base, but neglect your own base and the whole house will surely come crashing down. Just ask Bob Rae.

I wish Obama well on this historic day. I just hope he soon starts exhibiting leadership on LGBT issues in America.

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RuralSandi said...

I heard that it was Obama's group that ordered the blocking of Robinson's speech on HBO.

Not a good start Obama.