Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Popescu strikes again!

It's troubling that independent Sudbury candidate David Popescu has been given a spotlight because of his hateful words, spoken recently in front of a gymnasium filled with teenagers. But the case continues to get worse.

Popescu was interviewed recently on the John Oakley Show on AM 640 Toronto (Popescu was on the phone from Sudbury). EGALE Canada head Helen Kennedy was in the Toronto studio.

"It started off by John asking him if in fact that he said what he said, and he said 'yes', that he had said it, that all gays should be executed and public execution by government is what we should be looking at," Helen Kennedy said yesterday.

"John then asked him ... Helen Kennedy represents a gay and lesbian organization, Egale Canada, do you think Helen Kennedy should be executed? And he said 'yes'. "

After the show, Kennedy filed a complaint with Toronto Police.

Popescu is practically begging the authorities to prosecute him for hate crimes. I hope they do so. This case would truly be a test on the limits of hateful, violent speech in Canada.

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Simon said...

Good for you Matt for following up this story. And good for Helen Kennedy for doing what she did. This mummy basher homophobe is completely off his rocker and should be in a padded cell...