Sunday, September 7, 2008

Voluntarily non-partisan during Canadian election campaign...

My work duties have changed temporarily and, as a result, I have decided that I should take a more non-partisan tone in the coming weeks as the Canadian federal election unfolds.

Of course, I've previously written often in support of Stephane Dion and the Liberals, so people familiar with this blog already know clearly where I stand. I also know there are many other eloquent and passionate Canadian voices out there in the blogosphere who will do a terrific job putting this campaign in greater context from a progressive perspective.

My thoughts at the outset of this race? It looks like the Tories have a good shot at winning a stronger minority government, but that could easily change based on how the campaign unfolds. With the writ dropped, Canadians will finally get a chance to focus on the real Stephane Dion (not the fictional version promoted in Tory attack ads or by the media) and what he truly has to offer the country in terms of leadership and vision. I suspect many Canadians will be pleasantly surprised.

I will continue to blog on various issues between now and October 14th, including the ongoing U.S. election campaign, so please don't refrain from checking this site out.


femaleCONvoter said...

In rural southwestern Ontario, I will be voting Conservative again. Canada deserves a leader that can be counted on to make the right decisions for this country. Harper has proven to Canadian voters that his government was the right choice last time and will be this time.

Saskboy said...

femaleConvoter, I can't understand what you've seen Harper do that could possibly generate that kind of support. Care to explain?