Monday, September 1, 2008

Shocking crimes hit Guelph by-election campaign...

Kudos to my blogging colleagues Scott Tribe, David Graham and Matthew Hayday for their recent posts on the shocking crimes being committed against Liberal supporters in the ongoing Guelph by-election set for Sept 8 (unless Stephen Harper pulls the plug on his own government and cancels the Sept by-elections in favour of a general election.) Guelph by-election writer Adam Donaldson also adds to the discussion here.

As Scott detailed: "Homes with Liberal signs were targeted. Liberal supporters signs and houses were spray-painted with graffiti (it appears that at least 10 homes were vandalized), and at least 6 cars were keyed and their cars brake lines were tampered with and cut. This is more then just a prank - someone could have been killed if they hadn’t noticed and went driving off in their car."

Pics of the crimes can be viewed on Scott's site here.

As Scott made clear, there is little doubt the people responsible for this vandalism and the severing of brake lines were inspired by their opposition to the old Liberal Bill C-68 which created the long gun registry in the 1990s. These folks are still not over it, it seems. Is it surprising to me that gun-toting sympathizers - albeit a radical minority - might be inspired to take this kind of violent action against supporters of a party who brought in gun control? It's despicable.

To think that even a small handful of pro-gun types think it's okay to threaten the lives of Liberal supporters by cutting their brake lines is horrifying. I'm glad that all the candidates in the race, including Tory Gloria Kovach, have condemned these attacks.

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