Saturday, August 16, 2008

New word for Stéphane Dion: Hot!

There are many words I have used to describe Liberal leader Stéphane Dion: honest, ethical, brilliant, hard-working, passionate, engaged, inspiring, likeable, even cute. (Others may have used less positive language, as we well know, including nerdy, awkward, petulant, etc.)

But until this Canadian Press photo appeared with this story today, showing Dion in a nice, form-fitting (he's clearly been taking care of himself) shirt, campaigning alongside Westmount-Ville-Marie Liberal candidate Marc Garneau this weekend, I never described Stephane as "hot." But now I guess I can. Mr. Dion seems to be exceedingly comfortable in his own skin ever since the release of his Green Shift policy. No doubt, that confidence and, dare I say it, sex appeal will do him well on the campaign trail, whenever the election happens.

Eat your heart out, Stephen Harper!


Johnathon said...

Are you draming about "rimming" Dion right now?

Erin said...

He most surely does have major sex appeal ;)