Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dishonest election spin from the Harper-crites...

It's clear now that Prime Minister Stephen Harper intends to break his own law and force a federal election in Canada for October.

The Tories must fear getting walloped in the Guelph by-election and the negative implications such a loss would bring as they prepare for a fall election that now looks inevitable. Clearly, the Grits looked poised to defeat the government in the House of Commons and force a vote likely for November, just after the U.S. federal election. With Barack Obama still the frontrunner to win that vote, the winds of change could easily blow north of the border.

Thus the latest bullshit from the Harper-crites that the Parliament is dysfunctional and needs to be put down asap. It can't wait until after the four September by-elections, it has to happen before.

Dion seems to have his preference for a November vote. The Tories want it over by mid-October. The attempts by Harper to arrange meetings with the opposition leaders were transparent, bullshit attempts to set them up to be a part of his fictional narrative that the Parliament is dysfunctional.

Good on Dion for refusing to play by Harper's rules. If he wants to discuss the fall agenda with Dion, he can wait until one day after the by-elections, says Dion. That seems to be out of the question for the Tories and now they're still spinning this as somehow further proof that the Parliament isn't working.

I really hope Canadians are paying attention to this Tory nonsense. When Harper flip flops again and breaks his own fixed election date law by calling a vote before Sept 8 for mid-October, the public shouldn't let him and the Tories get away with it.

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